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We have added the ARF (Almost-Ready-To-Fly) variant of our popular RC hand-launch glider KAVAN Cumul DLG to our aircraft range. In the set, you will find already assembled and foil-covered balsa parts - wings, empennage and fuselage. Just assemble and install the electronics. You can get your Cumul ready for take-off in one evening.
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KAVAN PC-6 Porter

A semi-scale model of the legendary Swiss STOL utility aircraft, the Pilatus PC-6 Porter with a 1500 mm wingspan has a fully mechanized wing with ailerons and flaps and a robust carbon-reinforced EPO foam structure. Featuring a C3548-750 brushless motor with a 10x6" three-blade propeller and a 40A ESC, it certainly doesn't lack power for really short takeoffs with wheeled landing gear or tuning floats. Add a good transmitter, a 4S 2600–3300 mAh LiPo and you're ready to fly. The kit is produced with the official permission of Pilatus Aircraft Ltd.
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We care very much about the development of modelling as an industry. Balsa is the bread and butter of every model builder and manufacturer. That is why we now offer you high-quality balsa KAVAN directly from the plantation. At very affordable prices.
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KAVAN batteries

New to the KAVAN battery range are 7.2V NiMH packs with Tamiya® connectors. They are ideal for 1:10 scale RC cars or other land vehicles, boats or aircraft. They are available in 2000, 3000, 4000 and 5000 mAh capacities. They offer a high discharge current of 20 A (peak up to 40 A) and feature low internal resistance and long life. Other new additions are the high-end LiPo batteries in the „Air-pack“ design. They are tailor-made for the OMP M1 Evo and M2 Evo mini helicopters. But they can also be used reliably in other aircraft or helicopter models. They have a discharge rate of 60
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