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Mirai – New Glider from KAVAN

Let us introduce a new member of the KAVAN family - the MIRAI glider. This high-performance thermal/motor glider with a wingspan of 1995mm comes as a balsa wood building kit, and you can choose between two variants. They differ from each other by the arrangement of the tailplanes - classic and V-tail. Both variants include fuselage parts for both motor operation and purely thermal soaring. The lightweight balsa construction of the wings, fuselage and tail surfaces is complemented by plywood bracing struts and a carbon tail spar. The kit is designed to be covered with iron-on foil. The CNC car
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New KAVAN Li-Po batteries

we are pleased to introduce the all-new KAVAN lithium polymer (Li-Po) batteries for the most demanding applications. These top-of-the-line battery packs are manufactured with advanced technology that gives them a high current capacity for extreme conditions, enables fast charging (up to 2C), all at an affordable price. You will appreciate the long service life as well. These batteries are specially designed for models of aerobatic aeroplanes and helicopters. The high current load unlocks the maximum potential of the motor, making them the perfect choice for aggressive flying and wild aeroba
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We are happy to present you with a brand new leading motor glider PULSE 2200. With a wingspan of 2200mm and an unusual colour scheme, it will catch an eye on every airfield. This new-generation glider is dexterous, robust and powerful. Equipped with a brushless motor C3548-750, a 50A ESC RAY G2 R-50SB and six servos, it is ready for a recreational thermal and slopes soaring, so it will make every more advanced pilot smile. Compared to its type predecessors it is not only gorgeous, but it has improved design - ingenious wing and tailplane joint, better-quality EPO parts etc. PULSE is avai
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KAVAN glow fuels

Glow fuels for two-stroke and four-stroke engines for hobby and sport flying, as well as for top competition acrobatics and extreme 3D flying with planes and helicopters. • High-quality synthetic or castor oil for reliable operation and perfect lubrication • Added nitromethane for reliable operation and high power • Optimised mix of additives for great temperature stability, easy starting and high max RPM • Corrosion inhibitor for a long life of the engine • Dyed for easy checking of the remaining fuel in the tank • Developed and made in Germany
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